What is the miracle berry fruit? Why is everyone Going crazy over this experience? FIND OUT NOW


The miracle fruit or “synsepalum dulcificum” is a rare tropical berry native to West Africa that is known for its ability to alter our perception of sour as sweet through the magical glycoprotein: miraculin! Traditionally it’s been used to sweeten palm wine and soured cornbread. But due to its high perishability and cost to transport, the miracle fruit is one of the most expensive fruits in the world. Our technology safely increases its shelf time and reduces cost, bringing an exotic experience straight to your kitchen!

Today, the miracle berry is gaining momentum as an important agent in health-conscious living. A large amount of research has shown that the miracle fruit has incredible potential in the fight against obesity, diabetes and insulin resistance, and cancer recovery in addition to its flavour modifying capabilities.

Miraculin and the Science of Flavor

The active protein that is responsible for the miracle berry’s flavor modification attributes is miraculin. It interacts with taste buds and creates a sensation of sweetness when confronted with sour or acidic foods. This has proved to offer incredible potential for people who deal with obesity, diabetes, or are recovering from cancer. Doctors are continuing to explore the benefits of miracle berries in order to support a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss

For those who struggle with weight loss, studies have shown that miracle fruit can support those who are fighting a battle with weight and processed sugar consumption. When you let the active ingredient in the miracle berry fully coat your tongue prior to eating, foods that have been proven to be healthy yet sour or acidic in taste can offer a flavor enhanced and sweeter version of that food or drink. The best part is that this happens without the addition of sugar or harmful chemical sweeteners. This can make healthy foods that normally would be avoided tasty without the additional calorie intake it would require to make it palatable. Even desserts can be experienced as sweet without the use of processed sugars.


Many studies have shown that the miracle berry can be helpful in the treatment of diabetes. One study from 2006 showed that rats fed a diet of miracle berries, when compared to ones fed a diet high in fructose, showed that they were protected against insulin resistance. Insulin resistance has been closely linked to the development of diabetes.

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